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Tremendous Flavor

I love all your products. I have bought them for myself and as gifts for others.

"Athens", Wonderful seasoning with many possibilities

ATHENS seasoning blend is fantastic, I roasted flavor bombs tomatoes, early harvest extra virgin olive oil with the Athens seasoning and garlic and served with toasted French bread sliced at my dinner party as an appetizer and everyone raved about it.

Olive Oil

Delicious and Fresh tasting flavor. Definitely buying again

Blackberry Vingar

Described in one word, Delicious!!!!


I love how delicate the flavor of this balsamic is! I use it religiously on my food now!

Early Harvest EVOO (organic)
Paule Virzintaite

Delicious flavorful olive oil


I love figs and eat it every summer. This balsamic vinegar really embraced the sweetness of the fig. It’s not too sweet or too tart. I find myself drizzling it over steamed veggies besides just my salad.

Great flavor!

This vinegar pairs well with lots of different foods. I’ve enjoyed it on salad, drizzled over fruit, and more. It has a slightly sweeter flavor with citrus notes that pair well together. I have really enjoyed this vinegar and will definitely be buying more!

So tasty!

I should have purchased more than one bottle because we love it! It’s so good on veggies!

Love this vinegar!

I absolutely love this vinegar! I made the salad dressing and the chicken marinade from the recipes on the website. It was so delicious! It was also good on roasted brussel sprouts.

Yummy Fig Balsamic Vinegar

Absolutely delicious flavor. It's amazing and so tasty on my salads. Definitely my favorite.

Yummy-ness overload!

It's potent flavor is exceptional. Went through the whole bottle in about 2 weeks. :)


Tried this for the first time a week ago. Had a bit drizzled over a caprese salad with another small amount of their Virgen Olive oil and was fantastic. Using it over a regular garden salad turned the salad from good to great. Mixed with a high grade balsamic , a bit of sea salt and cracked black peppar and dipping a fresh baked dinner roll gives you the feel of eating in your favorite restaurant.

Love it!

Great to use as a salad dressing! I would definitely buy this product again.


I had never known how different olive oils could be until I tried this one! This is the best and really adds a great flavor to anything.

Great taste

I love balsamic vinegar and with a touch of fig, this is one of the best. Very tasty drizzled with the olive oil on salads!

Flavorful Delicious

It is hands down the best olive oil and vinegar we have ever tasted. We will definitely be purchasing these products moving forward. The other local oil and vinegars pale in comparison to taste and quality.

Dipping Kit
Dee P.
Fabulous dipping kit!

Shipped this kit to my niece in Maine and she loved it! I’m a big fan of all their oils and vinegars so a kit that combines them with fresh herbs and an excuse to binge on bread is evil and delicious!

Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar

Absolutely delicious - all I need is your oil and the blackberry balsamic for a delicious salad dressing.

BEST Olive Oil

I treat this like gold! Absolutely delicious on fresh greens.

2022 Early Harvest EVOO

I am very picky about my olive oil must be Spanish olive oil. I was so happy to find Lucas at the Honeysuckle Tea Market. I have used it to make pan de tomate…..I love!!! I also made lemon olive cake that was very good! Definitely make it again. To make these you need good Spanish olive oil and Lucas has the good stuff!!! Will need to get more.

Great gift! Super responsive customer service and wonderful overall experience.

Fig Balsamic Vinegar

OMG it is amazing!!! Used it many times on summer salads and on vegetables. Delish!


Wow. This is so good, especially for salads. It's been a long time since I've found something I really love, and this is it!

Best EVOO this side of Spain

Heather and Lucas....
You obviously knew how much I loved your product I bought at the farmers market the bragging I did to my daughter in L.A. ...who much to my delight contacted you and bought me the olive oil ( that I swear I could chug from the bottle) the fig oil and champagne vinegar as a Mother's Day gift....that was hand delivered to my about service...I truly cannot say enough about your company your amazing products and how sweet you are Heather. I took your suggestion and now make hard boiled eggs on toast with avocado and your to die for daughter also told me the olive oil they sell in stores is a far cry from real olive oil..she is so right..
Thank you, thank you Lucas and Heather for your products ...
Forever a buyer
Best wishes