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Olive Oil Con Duende!

I recently purchased olive oil from a famous heart surgeon (rhymes with sundry 😀). While the oil was hyped as having mega polyphenols, it was completely lacking in flavor. I ask you to forgive me Senor Lucas for straying from your wonderful, flavorful, fresh-from-the-farm olive oil.
I will go and sin no more.
Randy "Viejo Pelon" Villines

Greatest EVOO I have ever tasted!

This is such a wonderful oil. I love on salad with a bit of salt and pepper.

This is a great company to work with, so kind and responsive! Try their oil, you’ll love it!!!!!

Great oil great service

I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the product, and when there was a shipping issue Lucas was extremely helpful and accommodating.


You could have a shot of the EVOO just like having a shot of Whisky and it would taste better and be more beneficial than the latter. Highly recommended!

Olive this olive oil.

Great taste and quality. I recommend it to everyone.

Perfect gift for a foodie and Great olive oil.

Purchased some for myself and friends. Love the olive oil and the story behind it. Great gift set for anyone, but especially foodies who love quality.

A Taste of Spain

Olive Oil Grove has managed to bottle up the essence of Spain! The taste of the oil is so fresh and savory. I am using it almost daily on my foods. As a side benefit, my body aches and swollen joints have been eased tremendously! I recommend that you listen to the Olive Oil episode of the When in Spain podcast. I learned so much! Ole!!


Olive Oil Grove has outstanding products!!! This olive oil is the best. From cooking to drizzling, from main dishes to snacks and just straight up, it has the most amazing, fresh and desirable flavor!! Breakfast, lunch & dinner find us drizzling our Olive Oil Grove olive oil!!!

I became addicted to this product

I am not only loving this product, but I am also eating much healthier (mostly salads) so I can eat it with the Early Harvest EVOO olive oil.

Quality Product and Customer Service; what else do you need?

Liquid Gold!! Best as a drizzle or dressing and the taste is tremendous. Quick response time with requests and questions. They have a passion for EVOO through and through!

BEST Olive Oil you'll ever taste!!

We cannot get enough of this olive oil. Favorite is drizzling it over soft boiled egg with sea salt & pepper every morning. Favorite snack is drizzling it over popcorn!!! In addition to the amazing taste, this olive oil provides excellent health benefits. We need to start buying sample size bottles to give as gifts!!! THANK YOU Lucas & Heather for providing such an awesome product.

I take a half a shot every day.

Very clean and fresh tasting olive oil, so I personally take 1/2 oz as a shot, or in my coffee daily.

You probably have never had olive oil

Didn't think this olive oil would be life changing but I was wrong. I've only ever used oil to cook until this. Salads, bruschetta, bread, its amazing. The olive oil you have probably had before is nothing like this!

Organic EARLY HARVEST EVOO (1 bottle)

Umm. Wow.

Just tried the olive oil. My wife Jen and I both tasted it and just looked at each other and were like...."Umm. Oh my God." I hate to say we weren't expecting that....but we weren't expecting that. I mean, we love EVOO and use it all the time, and have had some pretty good stuff. Nothing like this. It's in a class by itself. I don't know what you do or how you do it, I'm just glad you do. And the spices are out of this world. It was really so amazing and an experience we'll want to keep repeating. The freshness and flavor is really unlike anything I've experienced, even from high-end EVOO's from boutiques. It is BY FAR the best I have ever had.
Thank you, Lucas, Heather, and Olive Oil Grove.

GIFT: Organic EARLY HARVEST EVOO (1 bottle) & chocolate hearts
Jackie Noah

We are totally thrilled with our purchase of Olive Oil from Olive Oil Grove!!! We've never tasted olive oil like this & are in LOVE with the flavor, the freshness & the added health benefits. Seriously, you can sip it right from a spoon!!! We prefer it drizzled over everything after cooking because it gives such amazing flavor. We HIGHLY recommend this product for all of your cooking, eating & health needs!!!!

Olive Oil Grove

Wonderful taste!!
Amazing dipped in bread! Especially with enclosed spices.

Pan con Tomate
Lucas Soler
My favorite of all tomato, bread, and EVOO recipes

This is my all time favorite recipe when it comes to baguette, tomato, and EVOO.

Amazingly fresh and tasty

Hands-down the best olive oil I have ever tasted.


This EVOO is incredible! It is so fresh, bright and flavorful! By far the best EVOO I've ever tasted.


Absolutely Amazing! So Happy with this product and the fast, efficient delivery!! Highly recommended.

Amazing taste

Great flavor and so fresh and no comparison to my usual store brand. Can’t wait to try out on some of the recipes recommended as well. Amazing product!

Love this so much!

I never knew much about oil until this product and WOW! I love all the health benefits but most of all, I drizzle a little on everything and boy does it make everything taste better! It's like I am eating a bouquet of veggies with every bite. I highly recommend!

Best olive oil I’ve had

Best olive oil I’ve had

Insanely fresh!!

I’ve never tasted an olive oil quite like this one. From the beautiful green color, to the delicious, fresh flavor, this extra virgin olive oil is truly special!