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Love it!!!!

I love this vinegar!!!!

Excellent flavor

We discovered Olive Oil Grove products in spring of 2023 and have been extremely pleased with the olive oils and balsamic vinegars Most recently we tried the orange infused extra virgin olive oil and we really like the flavor. It’s not overpowering but adds a touch of mild orange flavoring. Highly recommend it!

Awesome product

I use this product daily. Matter of fact I need to buy more. Love it.

Best Vinegar

My first purchase from this company and it did not disappoint! The taste is so refreshing yet strong and it pairs amazing with all my Caprese recipes!

Simply the Best!

Wonderful Olive Oil. I go out of my way to get this!

The best

Absolutely amazing. The flavor is so good. The fig is sweet and not overpowering. I love finding new things to eat it with.

Absolutely love your vinegars!

I put your vinegars on my salads all on their own and I’m addicted! Amazing flavor!!

Love Figs

This balsamic vinegar with a hint of figs is wonderful. It is wonderful with tomato and basil. I can’t wait to try it with roasted figs and prosciutto.

Quality Iil

Too many blended Olive Oil in America. This one is a a quality olive oil . Great taste

Light, refreshing, delicious

Perfect for summer salads and veggies. So good you could drink it by itself!

Best around

Best olive oil you will find. It is absolutely delicious. Truly elevates dishes.

The best tasting EVOO I've ever tasted

The taste is different from any EVOO I've ever experienced, and I typically buy organic from Italy, from my local health food store. This young EVOO literally tastes green and has a slight pepper finish. I've loved this olive oil! Truly a treat.

Dipping Kit
Petrina Lewis

Perfect blend of everything tastes amazing!


Loooovvvee this vinegar I could drink it...lol seriously the fig and balsamic together is an experience you don't want to miss!

Love the Champagne Mimosabut...

I crave this vinegar! It is delightful over my favorite go to salad, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes. It has a sweetness that is perfect for dressings. My only problem is that it is so expensive. I can only afford to get it rarely.


With out a doubt the mist amazing and tasty olive oil we have ever had. We use it on salads, pasta, bread, and I might add it turns a good Caprese salad into a great Caprese salad.


got the olive oil and fig basalmic vinegar. with the dipping set and it is so delicious I put the vinegar on just about everything ..lol and the olive oil i use sparingly because I want it to last forever 🙃

Summer Dressing

I purchased the gift set of Olive Oil, Champagne Mimosa and Blackberry Balsamic Vingers! When I purchased I thought of a nice summer sale on the balcony and with the seasoning blend, I would use use for dipping.

I will be a returning customer!

Love it!!!!

I first bought it at a Farmers Market. I have bought it online 3 times after that. The olive oil is smooth and full of flavor. I Love it!!!


I could drink this!


Absolutely delicious! My family loves it! So smooth and tasteful! This is a luxurious product and I can't wait to try more.


This product is 🔥, great on salad.


This product is awesome. Very good for cooking.

Best olive oil you can get, full stop!

Fresh and delicious, that's the only way to describe it. We put it on everything. We highly recommend you give it a try and the couple that runs this company are fantastic people.

Love at first taste

My sister mentioned how good this vinegar was when she was in town and we were ordering some oil. I decided to add it on and it was the best idea ever! I use it on my salads with their olive oil and it’s the perfect blend of velvet, sweet and tart. Look forward to using it for a long time.