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unboxing FROM GROVE TO TABLE® (0:45)

how we drizzle and excite our food @ OLIVE OIL GROVE (1:17)

what is EARLY HARVEST extra virgin olive oil? (1:05)

ABSTRACT: Early harvest extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest form of olive oil available. Less than 1% of farms harvest early because it costs much more (less yield), but this type of olive oil has the greatest amount of health-promoting antioxidants and is super flavorful.

why this olive oil? (0:23)

#1 misconception of olive oil in the United States (1:36)

ABSTRACT: top misconception of US consumers regarding extra virgin olive oil.

olive oil consumption around the world (1:23)

ABSTRACT: Average consumption of olive oil in the US versus Spain or Greece. This is important to understand when we're shopping for olive oil.

olive oil production in Spain and around the world (2:40)

ABSTRACT: Spain is the world leader in olive oil production, making half of the world's olive oil. The province of Jaen makes a quarter of the world's supply. Discuss how this came to be.

another 5 misconceptions of olive oil in the United States (5:40)

ABSTRACT: The top five facts/misconceptions regarding olive oil in the United States: what is olive oil, what is "cold pressed", is olive oil fresh?, fraud in the industry, size bottle to buy at the store.

selecting PREMIUM olive oil, vs supermarket olive oil (8:30)

ABSTRACT: Main pillars to consider when seeking premium olive oil are authenticity, freshness, health, and flavor.

a winning sourcing strategy to ensure authenticity (4:30)

ABSTRACT: a company's sourcing strategy is paramount in ensuring authenticity of olive oil.

Grove Trip! (17:40)

ABSTRACT: Lucas shares some pictures of his recent Grove Trips, where he travelled to Madrid, Jaen, Almeria, and Barcelona!

our source trip to the groves (1:07)

ABSTRACT: scenes of the majestic landscapes that we witnessed during one of our source trips to the groves.