the olive grove

Our latest selection from our last grove trip, is located in the heart of the province of Jaén, one of the largest olive-growing areas in Spain, within the autonomous community of Andalusia. Jaén, the size of Rhode Island (the smallest state in the U.S.), produces a quarter of the world's olive oil. In fact, Jaén produces more olive oil than Italy, Greece, and Turkey combined, as evidenced by the 66 million olive trees that make up one of the largest human-made forests in the world.

This grove is so remote that it took us multiple attempts to find it. Miles and miles of adjoining groves with single roads makes it especially easy to get lost. And a non-cooperating and overly-confident Siri & Google Maps sending you in scattered directions doesn't help.

Cortijo Espiritu Santo rolling hills

And not only will this exquisite olive oil smell like you're galavanting through a vegetable garden, and the taste will pop your socks off, the estate is beautiful, romantic, full of rolling hills and jaw-dropping vistas. We hope you get to visit this majestic place one day on one of our Grove Trips.

This fully organic grove is run by a single familia with a long tradition of olive cultivation. They own 250 acres of picual and arbequina olive varieties, and use techniques respectful of the environment in order to avoid soil erosion and preserve biodiversity. This family truly understands their impact on the world.

We are the exclusive importer of this liquid gold in the U.S. We continually assess over thirty groves and farms during our annual grove trips, and have selected this grove for these key reasons:

We selected this grove in Southern Spain for a few key reasons: organic, early harvest, single estate, on-premise mill, freshness & flavor, and it's award-winning.

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