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Every year, we visit world class Spanish olive groves, perform meticulous inspections, and bring back only the best of the best, in support of our central theme we call from grove to table®.

With 20+ years in the industry, we go deep into olive growing regions to find gems that the large box stores would find too difficult to mass-produce. We know what is good and what is not, and can detect fraudulent practices so subtle and advanced, that it’s practically undetectable through taste alone. Our focus is on the early harvest organic, where we travel far and wide to get it, because it's simply the best in all dimensions.

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Early harvest organic, is simply the best of the best in all dimensions.

Authentic and fraud-free

The ONLY way to guarantee AUTHENTIC & FRAUD-FREE extra virgin olive oil is to walk the groves, inspect the mills, and talk with the passionate farmers to bring you the most flavorful, healthy, and authentic olive oil available.

Fraudulent practices are so subtle and advanced, that it’s practically undetectable through taste alone.

Fraudulent practices are so subtle and advanced, that it’s practically undetectable through taste alone. The fraudsters are continuously altering their ways to avoid detection and to increase deception at every possible turn. Simply reading “first press” or “extra virgin olive oil” on the bottle does not guarantee that you’re buying unadulterated or fraudulent-free olive oil. One thing is clear: it’s the large brands found at the supermarket that are the most susceptible to fraud because of the widely distributed supply chains: the oil passes through way too many hands before it arrives on the shelf (source: The New Yorker, Slippery Business).
  • We visit scores of top olive farms in Spain, and narrow down the candidate farms based on a strict set of sourcing requirements, shown below.
  • We perform an elaborate inspection of the grove and mill in person and on-site, ensuring the farm handles the entire production process including agriculture, harvesting, oil production, and bottling/packaging.
Our sourcing at OLIVE OIL GROVE ensures authentic, fraud-free, extra virgin olive oil

Spain is the world leader of olive oil

Spain stands alone as the world's largest producer of olive oil, producing half of the world's olive oil. Spain produces more than the next ten countries COMBINED (Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Italy, etc.) !! This means that every other bottle of olive oil that you come across in the supermarket is from Spain, even though it may be branded coming from a different country. But it's not the world dominance in olive oil that makes Spain a perfect sourcing country, but rather the underlying reason WHY it's a world leader: Spain's diverse climate and geography (terroir) yield many different olive aromas and tastes (olive varieties), unparalleled to anywhere else in the world.

Jaén is known as the World's Capital of Olive Oil because its 66 million olive trees in this province, the size of Delaware, produces 25% of the world's extra virgin olive oil. Driving through this region is mesmerizing because it’s one of the largest human-made forests in the world. It’s difficult to describe what 66 million trees feels like. The only surface without trees are the roads.

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