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Early Harvest EVOO (organic)

Early Harvest EVOO (organic)

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Exclusively Sourced

Exclusively sourced from a small artisanal grove in southern Spain. Learn why we are experts at sourcing olive oil.
We selected this olive oil and farm for these key reasons:

We selected this grove in Southern Spain for a few key reasons: organic, early harvest, single estate, on-premise mill, freshness & flavor, and it's award-winning.

Taster's Notes

Garden tomato, with a hint of ripening almonds, and slight peppery finish due to the high levels of polyphenol antioxidants.

Food Pairing

Drizzle it over food as a “finisher” to enhance flavor: steamed vegetables, chicken, fish, pasta, avocado, fried eggs, salads, and bread. Healthiest and most flavorful when drizzled and consumed raw.
Extraordinarily pairs with our organic vinegars (Fig, Blackberry, or Champagne Mimosa).
the perfect charcuterie board companion

Product Contents

  • 1 - Authentic, organic, early harvest extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) bottle (250 ml), (preferred to be used by November 2024)
  • 1 - gift tag with personalized message (optional, if message provided in Harvest Basket)
  • 1 - product leaflet detailing this oil's exclusivity and uniqueness
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