We're just like you... we also want authentic and healthy olive oil

Let us tell you about this little farm & grove in southern Spain where we found it, why our sourcing ensures authentic fraudulent-free olive oil, and why it's the most delicious and healthiest version of olive oil available in a single olive oil, backed by our taste guarantee.

Authentic, healthy, and fresh

It all comes down to the combination of three unique things that makes this the most delicious and healthiest olive oil you’ve ever tasted:

authentic, healthy, and fresh

Let’s zero in… on early harvest (which spikes the health promoting benefits)

early harvest from green olives
Like bananas, all olives are first green, then ripen and mature to black. Olive oil that results from early harvesting, means that the olives were picked when they were green, at their peak of polyphenol antioxidant content and flavor. In the US, the olive oil readily available to consumers in supermarkets comes from late harvest (black olives) which yields the most amount of oil, but is not the healthiest or most flavorful. Farms that harvest early prioritize health and flavor over everything else, since it costs them about 3x more to produce. An independent 3rd party lab analyzed this olive oil and measured its polyphenol antioxidant content of 545 mg/kg!

Our secret sauce is in our sourcing requirements

Concerned that you might be paying too much for the olive oil at the supermarket? Want to avoid fraudulent olive oil? We are too, and are super distrustful of most mass-produced products (vitamins, powders, hotdogs, etc.). We like to go to the source when we can. That’s why we started this business with the approach that we call from grove to table®. The secret sauce is in our sourcing where we interview, inspect, and taste olive oil from scores of small farms in Spain. We assess farms across five categories (single estate, agriculture, harvesting, milling, and passion), and select the groves and families that best represent them. This approach ensures the olive oil is authentic / fraud-free, and provides an exceptional product that we feel proud of bringing back to our fans’ tables.
our sourcing requirements

Single estate is ”MUY BUENO”

This unique and majestic grove is Cortijo Espiritu Santo in the province of Jaén, Spain. It’s a small farm, run by an extremely passionate family that has been doing this for generations. Why single estate is much preferred:
  • They use only the olives from their property. No mixing of olives from other countries or even other estates which would differ in the consistent processes used to harvest and produce the oil. Supermarket olive oils gather their olives from up to eight countries! Imagine buying a Merlot that was a mix from eight different countries - no thank you!
  • The mill is on-premise, which means the time from harvest to production is reduced to nothing, which has a dramatic impact on the quality of the olive oil. For example, if olives are sitting after harvesting for more than 24 hrs, that will no longer produce a quality olive oil.
Cortijo Espiritu Santo grove

You won’t find an oil like this anywhere else in the US

Elsewhere, if you look very hard, you may come across fresh olive oil. And you can definitely find organic olive oil. Will you find early harvest? Perhaps, in some remote corner of a gourmet store in downtown New York City. But you won’t find all three together in the same bottle unless you … travel to Spain, enter an olive grove that is unfit for your rental car, pass a few sheep, take the wrong turn and wind up lost in a gigantic olive grove that has endless rows of trees and is part of the largest human-made forest in the world, pass the same few sheep again though you thought you were going straight, get out of the car, look up at the sky and yell at Siri (because you can), get back in the car, drive six endless miles through grove “caminos” (paths) and finally greet grove master Pablo, who knows all too well what you’ve just been through, all because you used your smartphone map instead of just asking him for directions.
The point is you can skip the adventures and get it from OLIVE OIL GROVE. This is what we call from grove to table®.

So give us a try, for all these great reasons.

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