why us

1. We're obsessed with bringing you freshness, health, and authenticity

The products we offer were personally sourced and selected because of their freshness, quality, authenticity, and the sheer gastronomical explosion when drizzled together, backed by our industry-first taste guarantee.

Every year, we visit world class olive groves, perform meticulous inspections, and bring back only the best of the best, in support of our central theme we call from grove to table®.

With 20+ years in the industry, we go deep into olive growing regions to find gems that the large box stores would find too difficult to mass-produce. We know what is good and what is not, and can detect fraudulent practices so subtle and advanced, that it’s practically undetectable through taste alone. Our focus is on the early harvest organic, where we travel far and wide to get it, because it's simply the best in all dimensions.

2. The organic olive oil we source is unrivaled in health and flavor, and exclusive to us.

Here's a secret no supermarket or box store wants you to know: early harvest (cosecha temprana) is the healthiest and most flavorful type of extra virgin olive oil available. Early harvest has a high concentration of polyphenol antioxidants, creating a deep and complex flavor profile (validated by an independent 3rd party lab). Oh, and did we mention it's also organic?

But supermarkets and box stores won't offer it because it costs farms 3x more to produce and the process doesn't lend itself well to mass production. So it's easier for them to keep consumers uninformed and paying for what is suboptimal in health, flavor, and commonly inauthentic.

When it comes to world-class olive oil, unflavored is always best, so that producers aren't able to use lower grade oil and mask it with popular flavors. To use another well known example, you'd never use a good Rioja, Merlot, or Cab to make sangria. Never throw fruit in a great tasting wine! Same with olive oil. Flavors don't allow professionals to taste for any defects in the olive oil. That's why we offer one flavor only: "olive". This may be one of the greatest ways for producers to deceive consumers when it comes to olive oil. Instead of flavored olive oil, we compliment our drizzle with organic and flavored vinegars.

our focus is on the organic early harvest
Our focus is on early harvest organic, which is simply the best of the best in all dimensions.

3. Our organic vinegars are the perfect compliment to our authentic complex olive oil.

We source our vinegars from a small organic farm, where they hand-select and hand-pick fruits, herbs, and vegetables grown at their farm to flavor an already beautiful vinegar. Flavoring vinegars with organic natural fruits is a great way to galvanize our foods while maintaining the essential health promoting benefits of vinegar.
Our organic vinegars pair great with our olive oil

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