We're just like you... we also want olive oil that is authentic, healthy, with a great taste profile

Let us tell you about this little remote farm & grove in southern Spain where we found it, why our sourcing ensures authentic fraudulent-free olive oil, and why it's the most delicious and healthiest version of olive oil available in a single olive oil, backed by our taste guarantee.

Authentic, healthy, and fresh

It all comes down to three unique things that TOGETHER makes this the most delicious and healthiest olive oil you’ve ever tasted:

OLIVE OIL GROVE: our singular focus is to source authentic, healthy, and fresh extra virgin olive oil from Spain

Early harvest: what supermarkets and box stores don't want you to know

supermarket olive oil is suboptimal in health, flavor, and commonly inauthentic
Here's an industry insider's secret: early harvest (cosecha temprana) is the healthiest and most flavorful type of extra virgin olive oil available. Early harvest has a high concentration of polyphenol antioxidants, creating a deep and complex flavor profile.

But supermarkets and box stores won't offer it because it costs farms 3x more to produce and the process doesn't lend itself well to mass production. So it's easier to keep consumers uninformed and paying for what is suboptimal in health, flavor, and commonly inauthentic.

Our organic early harvest is literally the healthiest and most flavorful type of extra virgin olive oil available: you would need 5+ bottles of supermarket extra virgin olive oil to rival the health of a single bottle of our organic liquid gold (and we have independent third party lab results to prove it).

OLIVE OIL GROVE is unrivaled health & flavor

Our secret sauce is in our sourcing approach

Just like you, we want olive oil that is authentic, healthy, with a great flavor profile. We achieve this through our central theme we call from grove to table®, and our sourcing is a central pillar.

The ONLY way to guarantee AUTHENTIC & FRAUD-FREE extra virgin olive oil is to walk the groves, inspect the mills, and talk with the passionate farmers to bring you the most flavorful, healthy, and authentic olive oil available in Spain.

We visit award-winning farms & groves in Spain, we walk the groves for agricultural inspection, we inspect the mills for quality control standards, and lastly, we taste the oil to ensure it has a rich, complex flavor profile worthy of your table.

This small remote farm is single estate

This unique and majestic grove & farm is Cortijo Espiritu Santo in the province of Jaén, Spain. It’s a small and very remote farm, run by a very passionate family. Learn more about this unique grove & farm.

Why single estate is much preferred:
  • They use only the olives from their property. No mixing of olives from other countries or even other estates which would differ in the consistent processes used to harvest and produce the oil. Supermarket olive oils gather their olives from up to eight countries! Imagine buying a Merlot that was a blend from eight different countries!
  • The mill is on-premise, which means the time from harvest to production is reduced to nothing, which has a dramatic impact on the quality of the olive oil. For example, if olives are sitting after harvesting for more than 24 hrs, that will no longer produce a quality olive oil.
Cortijo Espiritu Santo rolling hills

Exclusively for you: you won't find this olive oil anywhere else

Elsewhere, if you look very hard, you can find either authentic, OR healthy, OR fresh, all separately. But you'll only find all three together in a single bottle with OLIVE OIL GROVE.

authentic, healthy, and fresh, only at OLIVE OIL GROVE

UNLESS, you travel to southern Spain, enter an olive grove that is unfit for your rental car, pass a few sheep, take the wrong turn and wind up lost in a gigantic olive grove that has endless rows of trees and is part of the largest human-made forest in the world, pass the same few sheep again though you thought you were going straight, get out of the car, look up at the sky and yell at your phone (because even Google Maps doesn't know), get back in the car, drive six endless miles through grove “caminos” (paths) and finally arrive at this grove & farm.
The point is, you can skip the trouble and get it directly from OLIVE OIL GROVE.

So, give us a try for an experience
that'll leave you with a great taste in your mouth

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