Our true reward is learning about the experiences that people share when they try our organic early harvest EVOO, whether it's in person at the Farmer's Market, or on social media. Here we share some of the proudest reviews we've received.


Social testimonials


"This is by far the most incredible EVOO I have ever tasted. I am a big fan of olive oil, and we use it in everything, but man, I was not expecting this big of a difference. Freshly harvested from Spain, this is a global winner in every category. It's just so incredible. Do yourself a favor, and order some for dipping and drizzling and whatever else you want to do with it."

- Robert C., New York


"OLIVE OIL GROVE has outstanding products!!! This olive oil is the best. From cooking to drizzling, from main dishes to snacks and just straight up, it has the most amazing, fresh and desirable flavor!! Breakfast, lunch & dinner find us drizzling our OLIVE OIL GROVE olive oil!!!"

- Jackie N., Georgia


"We cannot get enough of this olive oil. Favorite is drizzling it over soft boiled egg with sea salt & pepper every morning. Favorite snack is drizzling it over popcorn!!! In addition to the amazing taste, this olive oil provides excellent health benefits. We need to start buying sample size bottles to give as gifts!!! THANK YOU Lucas & Heather for providing such an awesome product!!!"

- Jackie N., Georgia


"Didn't think this olive oil would be life changing but I was wrong. I've only ever used oil to cook until this. Salads, bruschetta, bread, it's amazing. The olive oil you have probably had before is nothing like this!"

- Justin D., North Carolina


"Great flavor and so fresh and no comparison to my usual store brand. Can’t wait to try out on some of the recipes recommended as well. Amazing product!"

- Michelle W., North Carolina


"I never knew much about oil until this product and WOW! I love all the health benefits but most of all, I drizzle a little on everything and boy does it make everything taste better! It's like I am eating a bouquet of veggies with every bite. I highly recommend!"

- Patty R., North Carolina

"I’ve never tasted an olive oil quite like this one. From the beautiful green color, to the delicious, fresh flavor, this extra virgin olive oil is truly special!"

- Jordan M., North Carolina


"The green vibrant color and unique fresh taste is addicting . It tastes like you went into your own backyard and squeezed a few olives. Drizzle on will not be disappointed with this olive oil!"

- Linda L., North Carolina

"Just had my first taste. Wow!! There's nothing like it. It's like it just came out of a garden."

- Miriane P., North Carolina

"This is some high quality EVOO! If you haven’t tasted fresh olive oil, please do so. You can taste the difference. This oil was harvested in November 2020, I was able to get my hands on some a few weeks later. The taste is amazing! Drizzle some on Italian or French bread, mix it in your salad or pasta or better yet top off your avocado toast with it! Amazing!!! You won’t be disappointed."

- Todd L., North Carolina