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Our sourcing requirements ensure an authentic FRAUD-FREE olive oil

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A few words from our fans

"We cannot get enough of this olive oil. Favorite is drizzling it over soft boiled egg with sea salt & pepper every morning. Favorite snack is drizzling it over popcorn!!! In addition to the amazing taste, this olive oil provides excellent health benefits. We need to start buying sample size bottles to give as gifts!!! THANK YOU Lucas & Heather for providing such an awesome product!!! "

Jackie N., Georgia

"This is by far the most incredible EVOO I have ever tasted. I am a big fan of olive oil, and we use it in everything, but man, I was not expecting this big of a difference. ...It's just so incredible. "

Robert C., New York

"Didn't think this olive oil would be life changing but I was wrong. ... The olive oil you have probably had before is nothing like this!"

Justin C., North Carolina

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