vendor market rep

Are you an outgoing person that likes to meet other interesting people? Do you want to learn about business and how to be an entrepreneur? Are you a dependable and responsible person that has fun around people?  Want to have a flexible work schedule... work once a week, or once a month?

OLIVE OIL GROVE is looking to hire several people as independent contractors to help with various weekend farmers markets.  Not all weekends are required, work the ones you want.   This is a super fun job where you'll meet very interesting people.

If you think you're a great fit, please email your interest and resume to


Job Title: Vendor Market Rep. 

Reports To: Heather & Lucas (owners)

Pay Range: $75-$225 per event (see pay schedule below) 

Primary Function: Transportation to the market, set-up/breakdown of the booth that you'll manage, sell our products to patrons using a Point of Sale (POS) app on a mobile phone.

Schedule: 4-6 hrs per market (includes driving). Very flexible. Market times can vary but are mainly Saturdays and/or Sundays 8 AM - 12 noon. You can choose to work a Saturday, a Sunday, or both!. You can work one market per month, or whatever frequency that fits your style. Do it once a month if that works better for you.  The earliest arrival time to the market is 7:30 AM, and some markets start later, and some take place in the afternoon. The markets don't allow late starts (if you don't get there by a certain time, we forfeit the market that day).  We're very flexible with scheduling you.  You can take time off, we only ask that you give us as much notice as possible, no less than a few days. 

Location: we serve local markets only in Cary, Durham, Holly Springs, Raleigh, and Fuquay Varina.

Headquarters: all inventory is stored at the headquarters in New Hill, NC.

What You'll Be Doing (day in the life): 

  • You'll be in training the first few weeks, until you graduate and you're ready to manage the booth on your own.  During the training period, you'll be paired up with someone at the booth that is very experienced, and will show you the ropes.
  • Pick up all products and vendor booth items at the headquarters and load your vehicle. We have a proven set of items to make you successful at the market. Items include: table, tent, props, packaging, cashbox, POS (Point of Sale) hardware, etc. All these items will be made available to you at headquarters.
  • Set up the vendor booth, including tables, chalkboard sign, displaying products, and making the vendor booth inviting and ready for sales.
  • During the vendor market, provide friendly engagement with a positive attitude. You'll be promoting the products, answering questions, offering samples, and processing checkout transactions. This role requires a high level of engagement with patrons, as they're very inquisitive about the products we sell. Don't be surprised when they are equally positive from tasting our products: some people can't get enough!
  • At market close, tear down the vendor booth, and return all products and other materials back to headquarters.

Skills and abilities that you'll definitely need (must haves): 

  • Be responsible and reliable. 
  • You'll need an iPhone or an Android, in order to process transactions at the market. 
  • Valid NC Driver’s License and vehicle, since you'll be driving yourself to the market.   Medium size cars work too.  We are able to fit all the vendor booth stuff and products into a Toyota Camry without any trouble.
  • Must be 18+ years old

Skills and abilities that would make you more successful (nice to have)

  • Effective communication skills with a friendly demeanor.
  • Previous European travel or knowledge on European cultures/cuisine. 
  • Passion for learning and understanding about world class olive oil and artisan vinegars.
  • Ability to work autonomously but knows when to ask for help.


Physical Requirements: 

  • Able to lift and carry up to 30 lbs independently.
  • Able to bend, kneel, slide, shuffle, push, and pull safely with 25 lbs of product.


While you're in training, you'll get $75 per market event. After you graduate from training, we'll follow the following pay schedule with bonuses.  Most people spend 2 weeks in training, and they are then comfortable going on their own.   There's no pressure to graduate, everyone does it on their own pace.

Market Sales*



Total Pay 

(Base + Bonus)

$0 - $499
(or during training)




$500 - $749




$750 - $999




$1,000 - $1,199




$1,200 - $1,399




$1,400 - $1,599




$1,600 - $1,799








*Subject to change