heather's healthy habit: simple joys

Simple joys    It is my belief that paying attention to the subtle things in life can lead to a more joyful existence. We are all familiar with the idea of gratitude but how many of us actually take the time each day to notice what we are grateful for?

tangerine dream
Most of us think about the big things in life to be grateful for, such as family and health. Obviously these are very important things to express gratitude toward. However, it is my opinion if you wish to increase your joy factor on a daily basis, I recommend that you to think about the more subtle gifts, such as:

  • Noticing the sound of silence
  • A deep mindful stretch
  • Feeling the water during a shower
  • Listening to a favorite song
  • The feel or visual glance of the sun
  • Holding a hot mug of coffee/tea
  • A tight hug from someone you love
  • Climbing into fresh sheets
  • Fully feeling a breeze
  • Enjoying your favorite food slowly
  • Tasting a perfectly rip piece of fruit
  • The weight and feel of your favorite blanket
  • Feeling the physical weight of your body as you sit on a chair
  • Getting out in nature and closely observing the colors around you
  • A long slow breath, paying attention to the miracle of breathing
  • Closing your eyes and paying attention to the present moment
Give yourself the gift of gratitude and increase joy by taking time to notice these subtle and simple everyday gifts.