FARM-BRANDED Fresh Organic Early Harvest EVOO (2 bottles)
FARM-BRANDED Fresh Organic Early Harvest EVOO (2 bottles)
FARM-BRANDED Fresh Organic Early Harvest EVOO (2 bottles)
FARM-BRANDED Fresh Organic Early Harvest EVOO (2 bottles)

FARM-BRANDED Fresh Organic Early Harvest EVOO (2 bottles)

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We obtained these exquisite farm-branded rustic bottles of our olive oil for those that want to feel like they stepped right into the grove & farm Cortijo Espiritu Santo.
Very limited quantities available, fewer than 50 bottles. These are not available anywhere else in the U.S. but through

”Ridiculously delicious AND the healthiest version of olive oil in a single bottle”.

Why? It comes down to the combination of three unique characteristics :

Olive Oil Grove triple point: fresh, organic, early harvest

Our secret sauce is in our sourcing

The secret sauce is in our sourcing where we interview, inspect, and taste olive oil from scores of small farms in Spain. We assess farms across five categories (single estate, agriculture, harvesting, milling, and passion), and select the groves and families that best represent them. This approach ensures the olive oil is authentic / fraud-free, and provides an exceptional product that we feel proud of bringing back to our fans’ tables.

Grove & Farm Cortijo Espiritu Santo

We found a special little grove and farm in Southern Spain that not only produces exquisite olive oil that will pop your socks off, but they also care deeply about Mother Nature and the wonderful resources and biodiversity that are ever-dwindling in our world.
This farm is located in the city of Ubeda in the heart of the province of Jaén, considered “ground zero” of olive oil production in the world.
The organic olive oil made at this farm is exclusively made from olives produced on the olive trees of this estate, and the mill is on-premise, ensuring consistency in operations and quality of olives.
The estate is beautiful, romantic, full of rolling hills and picturesque jaw-dropping vistas.

Cortijo Espiritu Santo rolling hills

Food pairing

Drizzle it as a “finisher” as it will accentuate the flavor of any dish: steamed vegetables, chicken, fish, pasta, avocado toast, fried eggs, salads, and bread.

Product contents

  • 2 - Fresh - Organic - Early harvest extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) bottle (250 ml)
  • 1 - gift tag with personalized message (optional, if msg provided in Harvest Basket)
  • 1 - product leaflet detailing this oil's exclusivity and uniqueness

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Ronald Scott
Best Olive Oil in the market

Olive Oil Grove's early harvest olive oil is the tastiest and healthiest olive oil in the marketplace.

Bryan Upchurch

I never thought I’d like olive oil so much. I find myself eating foods that pair well with this oil.

Lisa Vesely
Best olive oil

The best olive oil I have ever had. Delicious!

Pamela Linke

Love this stuff!

Randy Villines
A Work of Art

If I could save time in a bottle, this is the bottle I'd use. My wife loved the Spiratu Santo label and almost wouldn't let me open the bottle! Thank goodness I ordered two! As always, the flavor is magical.