To better inform our customers, listed here are the current promotions and discounts.

Free shipping:  Free shipping is automatically applied to all orders, and we only ship to United States addresses.  Expires: no current date established.

15%-17% off certain products:  Items are marked down on the "OUR PRODUCTS" page, and a "sale" flag is displayed. 

Top Drizzler award:  A $10 e-gift certificate will be emailed to customers that have completed five orders.  E-gift certificates can be redeemed with future orders and are transferable (anyone that has the e-gift certificate code can redeem it, so you may forward it to a friend). This is not a system issued award, we manually review orders periodically and send out the award.  If you're eligible for this award, and have not yet received it, please email us at and let us know. 

Shop now with these discounts and promotions!


$5 discount for Local Delivery (ended Dec 15, 2020):  This discount is valid through Dec 15, 2020, and offers a $5 refund for shipping addresses in the Jordan Pointe, New Hill, NC, community only.  The customer will not see the discount applied during checkout, but a refund will be issued prior to delivery.


OLIVE OIL GROVE reserves the right to discontinue or alter these promotions and discounts at any time and without notice.