Grove & Farm Cortijo Espiritu Santo

Cortijo Espiritu Santo on the map This farm is located in the city of Ubeda in the heart of the province of Jaén, one of the largest olive-growing areas in Spain.

The organic olive oil made at this farm is exclusively made from olives produced on the olive trees of this estate. It’s run by the Molero family with a long tradition of olive cultivation. They cultivate approximately 250 acres of the picual variety of olive trees using techniques respectful of the environment in order to avoid soil erosion and preserve biodiversity.

They produce the oil using the most modern techniques and setting careful quality standards. The olives are harvested late September/early October when the olives achieve a special state of maturity; the fruit produces real olive juice with some very particular organoleptic characteristics, bringing out the intensity of its fruity flavour and the complexity of its aromas: herbal and fruity, rising up in the mouth, with an exceptional balance between bitter and tangy.

Cortijo Espiritu Santo rolling hills

The estate is beautiful, romantic, full of rolling hills and picturesque jaw-dropping vistas.

Cortijo Espiritu Santo entrance

The oil mill is on premise, which makes it possible to have the olives harvested and transported from the grove to the mill continuously in short periods several times daily, so that they are milled within six hours of harvest. The oil is pressed at a temperature that never exceeds 22°C and carefully selected for its storage in the bodega, where it is filtered and protected under a nitrogen blanket to avoid exposure to oxygen and ensure the product’s physical, chemical, and organoleptic properties are practically unaltered.

Juan Molero and family
Juan and Maria Molero own and operate the estate.

Juan and Maria Molero signature
Owners, Cortijo Espiritu Santo
Ubeda, Jaen, Spain