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Sponsor an Olive Tree at the grove - Almeria, Spain

Sponsor an Olive Tree at the grove - Almeria, Spain

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Preserve the Landscapes

From grove to table® all starts at the grove and the olive tree.
Take the opportunity to sponsor an olive tree in our family-owned and operated Los Duendes Grove in Almeria, Spain. Los Duendes Grove has 204 olive trees and is meticulously cared for with pride and joy by Grove Master Dave.
While all the olive trees at the grove are adored, the sponsored trees have a notable meaning to us since we know there is a special connection to others. Sometimes, these trees are sponsored for someone that is ill, or to commemorate an event, or that simply loves a connection in another part of the world.
  • We'll hang a sign on the tree with your family name or other name of your choosing, for example "Famila Smith", "David M.", "Love you, Ana!" (please add the name to the note in the Harvest Basket)
  • We'll send you the grove's GPS coordinates via Google Maps and a drone picture showing your tree among the grove.
  • We'll send a few digital pictures of the tree throughout the year, for example, when it's harvested for olives, when it's pruned, or whenever it's cared for by Grove Master Dave.
  • You're welcome to visit your sponsored tree (and grove) at any time, and when you do, we'll give you a complimentary bottle of the extra virgin olive oil that this tree and grove produces. Anytime really, no time limits on this. We want you to visit the tree.
  • The sponsorship is for one year from the order date.
Sending as a gift? Once the order is processed, we'll send you an email with the details, that can be forwarded to the gift recipient.
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Rebecca Muth

Great gift! Super responsive customer service and wonderful overall experience.